One Moment Without You is Like a Thousand Years of Pain

This song is straight from the heart.

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Walk a Mile In My Shoes

Sorta like Jimmy Buffet Meets TOTO.  If you're tired of trying to do what ten people are telling you to do, then this song is for you!

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 We Need To Stop    "and Find Some     Common Ground"

This is a Country/Rock song and was written by Tepoe with the hope of bringing people together to celebrate what we have in common instead of fighting over our differences.

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Missing My Soul Mate

Country with a touch of POP.  Tepoe dedicated this song to his wife Natalie for Valentine's Day!

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 10 Tracks

The Great Spingolly

If you like 70s/80s style rock then more than likely you'll love this CD.  Two of the songs on this CD are Tepoe's versions of some Rock n' Roll classics, which include "Knockin on Heavens Door" and "Paranoid".  Every element of  this CD was created By Tepoe. Preview This CD…


10 Tracks



This acoustic CD is grassroots raw and straight forward.  It has been described as Gordon Lightfoot and Van Morrison with a touch of Johny Cash!               Preview This CD…

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